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     This shop is run by two people. With that in mind, we each have our different style for some things, such as our dragons or custom items. There is a short list of products we each specialize in. If you would like a commission of something on this list, please contact the correct person.


  • For specialty dragons, see my form in Dragon Orders

  • Jewelry

    • Including stainless steel and titanium​

  • Micromaille (=/<20g)

    • Have worked with down to 24g stainless comfortably​

  • Dabbling in bigger clothing pieces

Contact me at:                            


  • For specialty dragons, see Dragon's Lair

  • Armor

    • Shirts, bikinis, and more​

  • Critters (Keychains & Regular)

  • Keychains

  • Jewelry

  • Specialty Items and Customs

    Contact me at:

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