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Phoenix Cry Maille


A Chain-and-Scale-Maille artisan craft store.


Here is where we will post notices about construction times, delays, etc. 

Note: As of 11-2-2021, our main Mailler became a full-time caretaker for her ill grandfather. 

Because of this, most orders are being put on hold or slowed to moments of spare time and specialized scales are halted. (Sealant is a health hazard, especially to the elderly). We are working on still delivering orders, but please be patient. There is no internet out there, but our other Maillers can answer most questions.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

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About Us

This shop is ran by two friends, Makaila and Rebekah . . .

For Rebekah, it began with a picture and a need for a new hobby. This led to a simple stainless glove and then dragons. From there, it was to hoard as many rings as she could afford and make whatever she could find a pattern for or design on her own.
For Makaila, it began with a chance meeting that led to a chainmaille keychain. Then, an outfit, then a dragon, then three, and then a test box of her own rings. That first test box led to the first thing she ever made, a small fox figurine, and well, it has only exploded from there! 

Now, the two of us started Phoenix Cry Maille in 2019 and, well, we're still here, aren't we?

Phoenix Cry Maille Services

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Color Example Nov. 2020.jpg


Looking for some jangly earrings, necklaces, gloves, or something new and unique? 

Then you're at the right place! 

Stop on in and find your new sparkle!


Dragons were our beginning, and maybe yours as well. We have three styles and many genetic traits so far, but the lair is always growing! Come adopt your lair's next guardian~


(Keychains & Figurines)

Looking for a friend to take with you? Click here for the Myth Maille Menagerie selection of critters, both in standing and keychain options.

Wearable Items

Looking for that conversation-starting

tie, gauntlets, or skirt bangle? Maybe 

something custom? Let us know!

Orders & Customizations

Make anything and everything, any and all shall be made.

And with that in your mind, stop on in the spread your 


Earring Rack 2 Mar20 Full.jpg
Flamingo Critter.jpg
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Get in Touch

If you need to ask us a question, want to get a quote, or just want to stop in and say you like our work, please fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you ASAP.

Find us all over the web! 

Thank you for contacting us!

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