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The Story Thus Far

     This short but ever-expanding tome is a brief glimpse into our world, seeing the side of Dragons pre-adoption, as well a handout of a bit of advice we have to give and a retelling of sweet memories in brief. I say “we” as there are three of us total working on this, though we all refer to ourselves as “I” with no indication as to who it is. Worry not – if you reach one of us, you reach us all. We somewhat live together, after all (At least, when we are home, that is). I as Makaila/pikammd am a person just like you with a regular job and a little “special” attachment to dragons. I am mainly the caretaker who raises dragons and adopts them out, though I handle the husbandry side directly.

     My partner Dragon Mom is Rebekah/Shads, and she mainly keeps our heads under the clouds. Though she does not appear often in this tome, I feel it is important to note her as a worthy and very important person in the story of Dragons, and my sanity.

     And I (Zherva/Leyhiera) am the adventurer from distant lands, here for a new chapter of my life, and that chapter is somehow titled Dragon Mom. (Lazy name I know, but hey it functions). I am the one that has a special attachment to dragons and am able to seek them out when nearly nobody else can. I travel many worlds for my discoveries, though I am rarely gone for long thanks to the fast travel systems in place here. My explorations have led me to search for dragons that won’t make it in this world – ones without parents, with a deformity or injury, that are the runts pushed from the nest, that got lost, all possible scenarios. That does mean that often times I am too late, but I am also there to bring back to the nest some that are merely lost. And of course, my cohorts raise those I cannot take with me! It sounds like a great many more people are willing to take up the torch of repopulating this distinct species once again as well, and I sincerely thank you all for your eagerness to assist.

So, with that in mind, let us get comfy and tell you a little bit behind the scenes of being a Dragon Mom.

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