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~ A Dragon Mom's Tome ~

     This is a Tome dedicated to years of hard work from all who accompany Phoenix Cry Maille on our journey. Here, one will find a written account of our story, knowledge to pass on to new parents, and a few giggles along the way. This chronicle will detail everything we know to date of all chainmaille dragon kind and so much more. We share knowledge freely in the hopes that someday, as will our kin and kind. Come, enter, explore, and enjoy~ 


Part I

The Story So Far

A chapter-by-chapter depiction of how I became a Dragon Mom, how it has changed me both in story and reality, and my personal retelling of the fun trouble we get ourselves into!

Part II

Breeding Dragons

The act of breeding and domesticating is important to any endeavor at repopulating a species. We at Phoenix Cry Maille take the husbandry part of our job very seriously, and are working on learning the ways to capture, raise, breed, and release wild dragons into their old habitats using science and genetics. This is the accumulation of what we have learned thus far. 

Nytha and Gleam Nest.jpg
In Spirit 1st Nest.jpg

Part III

Genetic Mutations and Traits

The gene pool is constantly changing, and so is what we know. Look, listen, learn. Examine, question, theorize. The scientific method is extraordinary, as is what we find about these amazing creatures. Step inside, and learn what we know about their genetics and heritability. 


Species Identification

Screw Latin. We use easy names here and science the rest. 
Phylum-Genus: Whatever Dragon comes out to be. 
Species: Discover how to determine your dragon's species!

Subspecies: The extra-fun (and deadly) cherry on top!


Part V

Dragon Keychains.jpg

Meet the Team's Dragons!

We at Phoenix Cry Maille have permanently adopted a few dragons of our own, and keep record of every dragon that has passed through our hands. Step inside here and learn about each of our own children individually, complete with mini stories of the chaos we are always fighting! Isn't parenthood just the best thing ever? And so very incomplete without a healthy heaping of sarcasm, panic, and joy. 

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