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     Instead of paying us with money, we will sometimes take art trades. Your art doesn't have to be chainmaille, it can be various mediums. Each of us have our own tastes and likes, so please understand that. What Makaila would accept might not be the same as Rebekah. Please see the lists below to get a sense of what each of us like.


  • Other chainmaille items

  • Digital artwork of original characters (humans)

  • Leatherwork

  • This is NOT an exhaustive list. If you make something not listed, please send me an email.

Contact me at:                            


  • For specialty dragons, see Dragon's Lair

  • Armor

    • Shirts, bikinis, and more​

  • Critters (Keychains & Regular)

  • Keychains

  • Jewelry

  • Specialty Items and Customs

    Contact me at:

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