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    Set the scene for the long-awaited moment. 
    You've arrived at the D&D table. You've only just settled into your seat, gotten your character sheet out, and set up your favorite dice just the way you like it. 
    Everyone is laughing and talking about what could happen this time. A fight? A puzzle? Storyline? Only the DM truly knows. . . 
    And then, as you and your companions, teammates, friends, all turn towards the DM, the first words out of his mouth. . . 

    Roll for Initiative. 
    And so, the dice roll. 

    Well, not so much in this case, as we have here dice cage necklaces! I do plan on making a design that can open in the future, but for now, let's set our sights on that D20. 

    The game is simple. You choose your dice - They are numbered 1-20, and I can make more kinds if your favorite isn't here.
    Then you choose your cord - Also numbered, though there are gold and silver chain options as well that did not get a number, so let me know if you want one of those.
    Finally, you pick the colors you want your cage made of. Any number of colors, but 1-3 work the best. The order in which you give me your colors determines how much of said color you'll see. 
    And then, you get your very own Dice Cage Necklace, so you can wear your D&D pride with, well, PRIDE! The 20 and 1 are highlighted, so you may choose how the day will treat you... Or will the dice choose? 

     We have discounts for buying multiples!

Price: $8/single order, $7/double order, $6/3+ ordered, +Shipping.

Dice Cage Necklaces

  •      Thank you and congratulations on your new chainmaille necklace crafted by Makaila Dockweiler~Ross/pikammd! This is your care guide, so please keep it. Made of Anodized Aluminum, it will be strong to survive years and is easy to clean. A bowl of warm water and dish soap, preferably a non-lotion, will clean regular grime with ease. A hand’s touch or soft toothbrush can be used to clean tougher messes without stripping color, though it is not suggester to do this often. Please keep out of reach of young children as this can become a choking hazard.

         Thank you very much for your purchase, and I sincererly hope you enjoy your new chainmaille necklace!

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