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     Straight styled bracelests available in Pride/Rainbow, Pastel, Grayscale, and Individualized patterns! On top of this, we have singles and continuous options, though a continuous image is not currently available. 


     These bracelets feature a straight edge that sets it apart, and can be lengthened for those with a looser taste or converted into an anklet. These are the perfect splash of color to brighten any day, and have a very strong appearance that last beyond looks. The clasp can be exchanged for a fishhook clasp. This is 100% customizable, and can be almost any design you like. If you would like to order or discuss a pattern, please send us a message. Questions are also always appreciated, no matter what the question!


     *All wearable items are tested for durability, ease of cleaning, and are ensured to catch on hair/fabrics as minimally as possible.

     Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

          ~ Makaila

Straight Bracelet

  •      Thank you and congratulations on your new chainmaille bracelet crafted by Makaila Dockweiler~Ross/pikammd! This is your care guide, so please keep it. Made of Anodized Aluminum, it will be strong to survive years and is easy to clean. A bowl of warm water and dish soap, preferably a non-lotion, will clean regular grime with ease. A hand’s touch or soft toothbrush can be used to clean tougher messes without stripping color, though it is not suggester to do this often. Please keep out of reach of young children as this can become a choking hazard.

         Thank you very much for your purchase, and I sincererly hope you enjoy your new chainmaille bracelet!

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