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Adopted Dragons

     Once adopted, twice loved. These are our babies and friends who have found the home they'll grow up in, and in some cases, forever reside. Though we at Myth Maille and Phoenix Cry Maille will miss them all dearly, we are even happier that they are home now. We want to admire them all, and share their beauty (and attitude) with each of you. 

^^ Dragons available for breeding are here!

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Species / Subspecies

Gender / Sex

Colors/Genes: Color.

Genetic Family



Rainbow / Primary

Male / Male

Colors/Genes: Black body, black ice fade, silver belly, RGB back stripe, black horns, bronze eyes. No genes identified. Mirrored tail scale but rainbow hasn't grown in quite yet. 

Genetic Family


Xane & Spike.jpg
Caesar Octavio Vista Willow Charlie II.jpg

Charlie II

Metals / Mixed

Male / Male

Colors/Genes: Orange body, bronze back stripe/fade, black belly, gold horns, red eyes, true copper scales. No genes identified.

Genetic Family

Willow (Sibling)

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